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Turnkey Large Batch

Pick&Place + Reflow Oven + Conveyor+ Semi auto Printer  

Semi auto printer
L460 Pick and Place

Neodent L460 Pick and Place

NeoDenL460 Introduction

The NEW NeoDenL460 is a highly productive pick and place machine with flying vision. As is built for speed, especially designed for LED board production, it features a faster XY motor and tape feeders, as well as the new head that achieves 18,000 chips per hour. The NeoDenL460 supports parts from 0603 to LQFP80 being used in mass production with high accuracy.



1.Smart Feeder

High-precision design, Ultra-smooth electronic actuation and tape advance greatly reduce the feeding deviation


2. Flying Vision

Inspect parts up to LQFP80

Update position without reducing speed


3.Dual Gantry 4 Head System

Simultaneous pick up to reduce production time


4. Integrated Controller

More stable performance and easier to do maintenance


5.Auto Rails Achieve Continuous Placement

1.5m auto rails could be connected with universal conveyors to achieve continuous placemen


6. General Conveyor is supported

With a conveyor port, One-Stop SMT production line can be setup, which is more time-saving and labor-saving

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