Multicomponent Integrated Circuit (MCO) iMCP – HT32SX


iMCP - HT32SX is a Multicomponent Integrated Circuit (MCO) designed to provide an out-of-the-box connectivity solution for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Its small dimensions, high performance, and low power consumption aim for the best experience for IoT developers.

Ideal for creating a smart sensor, this SIP component allows you to integrate and use the Sigfox Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), compatible for all geographical areas of the globe.

It provides both uplink (issuance) and downward (receiving) communications.

The chip supports Sigfox Monarch protocol communication with a low-power STM S2-LP transceiver and incorporates an STM32L052 programmable processor for your application.
It combines all the advantages, integration and convenience of advanced semiconductor packaging technology in a single chip.

iMCP HT32SX Sigfox Monarch de HT Micron

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